There are number of How to sites that can be used to teach or learn English. These usually include sections on business related matters and even if you do not agree with what the "experts" say they still provide useful listening skills practice, vocabulary expansion possibilities and stimuli for targetted discussion of specific issues. Here are some examples of what these sites have to offer.


This is a good general purpose How too ... site where you can sometimes find business related short tutorials aimed at the general public so the language is not too technical and the ideas are easy to follow. Here's an example of one that looks at "How to start a small business" with lots of useful general business language:

Of course, if you're real concern is the social well-being of your pet rabbit, then Monkeysee is an absolute must:

Expert Village

Another good How to .. site is Expert Village. Like Monkeysee you often get a series of short tutorials given by "experts" on a given topic. Here's the beginning of one on public speaking:

The Different Forms of Public Speaking -- powered by


And perhaps the most useful for us is VideoJug as each clip is structured around a series of questions which are shown as well as answered by the "expert". Here's an example on the topic of different types of business:

Business Models & Business Plans: Different Types Of Business