Use these links to find material on the following legal topics:

Online legal dictionaries

Her Majesty's Courts Service: Glossary of Legal Terms (UK)
Glossary of legal terms (US)

Common lawscales_of_justice.jpg

This link to the website provides a brief introduction to Common law, and if you scroll down the page and click on Characteristic Features of Common Law you can read more about what distinguishes this from Civil Law. Clicking on Development of Common Law takes you to a very short history of Common law. You will also find a useful Bibliography for further reading.

Civil law

This link is also to the website and provides a short introduction to Civil law. By scrolling down the page and clicking on History you can read more about how Civil Law developed, and the Bibliography link will give you one or two useful tips for further reading.

What is a barrister?

This interesting link to the website of the practising lawyer Robert D. Carrow will give you some introductorybarrister.jpg information about the role of the barrister in the English legal system.

How to become a solicitor

The link to the website provides a description of how solicitors qualify to practise law in the United Kingdom.

The solicitor's job

In this link to you will find an online interactive reading and vocabulary activity on the topic of the work solicitors do.

Contracts: Key questions

By following this link to and clicking on General Contract Law Questions you will find a series of key questions and answers about contracts. This online Q & A provides a good introduction to the some basic concepts and vocabulary relating to contract law.

Contracts: Definition, Classification, Elements & Enforcibility

This page on the website provides a quick overview of the main features of contracts

Types of business

This page on the site explains the key features of the different types of legal structure for a business. Click on Theories in the side bar on the left and then click on Advantages and disadvantages of different business structures to read about the factors involved in deciding upon a suitable structure for a company. To read a brief consideration of the issues that need to be considered when deciding to "go public" click on Public or private - which is best? in the Theories window.

Setting up a limited company

The website has been set up by the UK government to provide support for small businesses. This link gives information for setting up a limited company. After reading the introduction, click on Registration documents and forms in the side bar on the left. This provides an introduction to the main legal documents involved in setting up a limited company. Click on The company's officers in the sidebar for information about the legal obligations of the people formally appointed to run a limited company. Clickiing on Types of limited company (side bar on the left) will take you to introduction on the differences between private and public limited companies. Finally, if you click on Where to register your company and get help in the side bar on the left, you will find details about the process of registering a limited company, the costs involved and where company founders can seek advice.