This page has a section of links to online dictionaries, tutorials and activities on a range of different topics.

Online dictionaries

Here are a selection of online dictionaries:


Longman Online Dictionary (UK)
The Cambridge Online Dictionary (UK)
The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary (US)
University of Pheonix Online Thesaurus (US)
Free Dictionary (US)
Idioms (UK)
Idioms Site
Phrasal verbs (UK)
The Phrase Finder
Word Spy: Neoligisms
Internet Slang Dictionary


Glossary of financial & business terms (US)
Investopedia Financia Dictionary
The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary


Linguee Bilingual German/English & English/German Dictionary
Leo Bilingual German/English & English/German Dictionary German-English Dictionary

Visual & other resources

Shahi: A visual Dictionary
Merriam Webster's Visual Dictionary
Visuwords: A graphic dictionary
Visual Thesaurus
Vocab Grabber
howjsay: A talking Dictionary
Encyclopeadia Britannica
Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary (suitable for children)
The Internet Picture Dictionary (suitable for children)

How to learn vocabulary

Study tip: Learning vocabulary: This page gives you some ideas for how to learn new vocabulary and includes advice on keeping a voacbulary list, how to learn and practise vocabulary, books for vocabulary learning, and a great list of web links for online vocabulary resources.

Vocabulary resources for teachers & learners


Compleat Lexical Tutor
Six Online Corpora
The Web Concordancer


Confusables This activity on words that can be easily confused is provided by When you've completed the exercise click on PART I and PART III at the bottom of the page for further exercises in this area.

Business collocations

Business collocations: This is a link to a short activity from the website focusess on six commonly used business collocations (that is words that go naturally together), in this case verb + noun combinations.

Vocabulary tests

Vocabulary tests: This is a link to 45 short vocabulary tests based on the Longman's business English course books Intelligent Business. Start by clicking on Unit 1 in the Pre-intermediate column and when the pop-up window appears, answer the 10 questions. Your score will then appear as a percentage and you then have the possibility of re-doing the test by clicking "Reset" or seeing the answers by clicking "Answers".

Interactive business vocabulary exercises

Business Vision: Here are a series of online interactive business vocabulary exercises based on the Oxford University Press course book Business Vision (Intermediate). Only the units that do not require you to have the course book have been listed here:
Unit 1: Images of business
Unit 2: Change
Unit 3: Advertising
Unit 4: Trade and Ethics (pronunciation)
Unit 7: Travel (error correction: extra word)
Unit 8: Products (error correction: extra word)
Unit 9: Transactions (pronunciation)
Unit 10: Customers (error correction: extra word)

A word a day

English Daily: This is a daily activity offered on the website, where you'll also find helpful short activities such as Daily Grammar and Daily Business Exercises, which provides quick tutorials and practice activities for a range of functional business language used in, for example meetings, etc.

Business idioms

Business idioms: This is a link to an activity on the website that focuses on 20 commonly used business idioms.
And here's link to a page where you can learn a new business idiom every day: learn-english-today


Money: Try this money quiz from the website. On this website you'll also find a wealth of other resources for improving your English. For example there's a wide range of Grammar Quizzes, Phrasal verb quizzes, (here's one for phrasal verbs with the word "cut", many of which are often used in business), and so on.

This 47 page down-loadable glossary has been made available by the Plain English Campaign. To see what other resources are available, including more down-loadable glossaries and guides on writing English texts, click here.

Here is the BEO - Business English Online Glossary

To update the glossary click here and then add your word or phrase to the spreadsheet. When your entry is complete, use the ordering function to makes sure the entries are in alphabetical order. Click "Save and close" and return to this page using your browser to come back. The spreadsheet that appears here will be automatically updated with your new entry.

Watch this video to get an idea of how Google docs works

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