On this page there are one or two ways in which you can chat with each other or with your tutor :

Like debating? Try this tool for starting an argument with your friends or classmates. Here's an example.

Online white board:

Click on the button below to open a new Skrbl pad. This is a handy tool for use in combination with Skype voice or video chat, but works best with small groups (up to 4 + tutor), or of course one-to-one online tutorials. You need to know the location of your pad (you can have as many private pads as you like once you've signed up) and you can give this to your speaking partner by sending them the URL of your pad by email.

skrbl now

The URL (web address) of your pad can be cut and pasted from your browser's navigation bar.

Web conferencing:

Free web conferencing with ooVoo:

You will be prompted to download and install a plugin before you can use this room.