Hello everyone!

With the help of this blog I want to show you everything about my favourite sport and hobby, which besides dressing up in a “Dirndl” is very typical for me as a half-Austrian: Skiing.

Afterwards I hope that everyone will be convinced of this great winter sport and will try it for yourselves.

So, let’s start with my personal ski-history:
My father is Austrian, loves the mountains, snow and any kind of winter sports. So it’s understandable that he would love for his daughter to adore these sports. But unfortunately his daughter found the winter weather too cold and so wasn’t too keen on putting some funny planks under her feet and tumble down a mountain. But at the age of 14, I became very interested in skiing and even today I don’t know why….…perhaps due to the sweet and very good-looking skiing instructors?? Could be ;-) After this age, I looked forward to every winter holiday and was very excited when crossing the Austrian border, every time!!

From my 15th birthday on, I tested the following ski resorts with different snow conditions, blue, red and black slopes and an unbelievable “Hüttengaudi”- culture in Austria:

1. Ischgl, Silvretta Skiarena
2. Naßfeld, Kärnten
3. Bad Kleinkirchheim, Kärnten
4. St.Oswald, Kärnten
5. Goldeck, Kärnten
6. Hochfügen, Zillertal, Tirol
7. Lech am Arlberg, Voralberg
8. Obertilliach, Tirol

My favourite ski resort is definitely the Silvretta Skiarena (1)

external image Ischgl.jpg

A “normal” skiing-day

...starts at 8.30 am. with a big, nourishing breakfast, to have enough power for the exhausting day.
It’s important to be on the slope very early (this means 9.00 am.), because then the slope is still perfect and you will have wonderful ski-runs at the beginning. Then you will ski a few hours, and will have the first break at midday.

Midday-stop at a ”Skihütte”

Typically you will take the break on a “Skihütte”, perfectly embedded in the snow with a panoramic view on the mountains. You may decide either for a menu with “Germknödel” (yeast-dumplings filled with cherry- or plum-jam), “Fritattensuppe” (broth with crepé-stripes), “Schnitzel” or “Palatschinken” (pancakes with chocolate-sauce or jam)
My favourite menu includes the Germknödel :-)

external image dsc00102.JPG

After this refreshment you start skiing again, but the slope is not as good as at the beginning, so you have to be careful due to little pulpy snow-hills or hidden ice-plates.

At 3.00pm the time is right to run in the next “Skihütte”, to relax and enjoy the sun or drink some mulled wine, pils or wheat-bear and have some fun. A DJ will be playing some kind of “Schlagermusik” and the vibe is good all the time.

Now you have the possibility to listen to, from my point of view, two characteristic examples of "Skihütten-Schlagermusik".

Dj Ötzi feat. Marc Pircher - 7 Sünden

Die Lollies - Z'ruck zu dir


After an hour approximately you will take the last run into the vale back again. Now you can decide if you want to do some “Aprés-Ski” or fall into bed :-) By the way: the best Apres-Ski I ever had, was in Ischgl at Trofana Alm.


It’s difficult to describe the experience of skiing in words … it’s a great feeling to stand at the top of the mountain, looking over the mountains while the sun is shining, the sky is wonderfully blue and the snow is sparkling.

And for those who are scared of skiing: I recommend you just take a ski-lift up the mountain without skis and get a feeling of the atmosphere on the mountain and of skiing by watching the other people, while sitting in front of a “Skihütte”. I’m sure you will not resist the “magic of skiing” ;-)


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