My presentation:

1. Evonik Industries
I work for Evonik Services which is the Shared Service Center of Evonik Industries and which supplies company-wide services for the Cororate Center as well as the Business Units.
Evonik Industries is the new creative industrial company comprising the three main business fields chemistry, energy and real estate. These business fields formerly belonged to Degussa, Steag and RAG Immobilien. The minig activities that also belonged to the RAG back then are completely separated from Evonik and will be continued in the RAG Stiftung. In the first half of 2008 the new company wants to enter the capital market.

2. HR-Marketing
Secondly, I'd like to have a closer look at my department, HR-Marketing, with its two teams “Job Market” and “Employer Branding”.
After that, I will focus on the activities we offer university students since this is the target group I take care of. The most important activities are internships in Germany and abroad as well as mentoring final papers and student consulting projects (SCP). The last activity is the core topic of my presentation.

3. Student Consulting Projects
For the reason just mentioned I will continue by introduing the main facts of SCPs. This will be followed by an analysis of the reasons why we offer such projects and what advantages the students and we achieve.

4. Project Course and Organization
To make the audience aware of what has to be done in order to attain a good project outcome I will roughly describe the tasks that have to be done from he beginning until the end.
I will cover the preparations to make students aware of the project, explain how we chose the project team and which other administrative tasks have to be done. Emphasis will also be put on the “time line”. When do we meet and why?
Lastly, I’ll draw the attention to important issues that I have to be aware of while the project lasts.

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