This summer I went to Edinburgh with two of my best friends. We stayed in my friend’s boyfriend's flat who studied engineering in Edinburgh. He has finished his studies and therefore, we had the opportunity to live in his flat before the next tenant moved in.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a very nice city which reminded me of the world of Harry Potter. By the way, we drank a cup of coffee in the “elephant house” – the birthplace of Harry Potter, because JK Rowling wrote her first novel there.

We did a lot of sightseeing in Edinburgh which was very interesting but a bit exhausting. We visited the Royal Botanic Garden and Holyrood Palace, which was the residence for the Kings and Queens of Scotland from the 15th century onwards. Today it is the official residence in Scotland for the Royal Family- it is used when carrying out official engagements in Scotland. We walked along the Royal Mile and ended up at the palace which is located next to the Arthur’s Seat.
The Arthur’s Seat is the main peak in the group of hills which belongs to Holyrood Park, a remarkably wild piece of highland landscape in the centre of the city of Edinburgh. We climbed up the hill and had a great view over Edinburgh.
Most impressive was Edinburgh Castle. It is built on top of an extinct volcano and has witnessed many defining events in Scottish history. Every afternoon the One o’ Clock Gun is fired, a tradition remaining from the days when it was a time signal for ships in the port of Leith.


Beside the tourist attractions I discovered my preference for cider and my dislike of bagpipes. In every corner of the city there is a piper dressed in a kilt who tries to impress the tourists. But this soundscape is very annoying. But please feel free to try by yourself…