Apples recent success story

My presentation will be about one of the recent most successful companies in the world, about Apple. During my presentation I will try to find out and to explain why Apple was that successful in the last years. Of course there are a lot of different reasons and maybe even a little bit of luck to sell so much products and to make so much money. Thus I will show some figures to illustrate how successful Apple was in the recent past. After that I will concentrate on some of the most important and most probable reasons for Apple´s success. Basically these are Apple´s products itself and CEO Steve Jobs and the way he manages the company. One further interesting issue, regarding Apple´s success, is what other companies like Microsoft, as one of Apple´s greatest competitors, distinguishes it from Apple. As always in business, there is not just one side of the coin, especially if it comes to the future. Therefore I will also give a short outlook into Apple´s future in particular to possible threats Apple will have to cope.

Therefore my presentations structure will look as following:

1. Introduction – Short Video Clip
2. Some figures
3. Reasons
3.1 Are Apple products better than other ones ?
3.2 The role of Steve Jobs
3.3 Differences to Microsoft
4. Outlook and possible threats

1) I will do a little brainstorming about Apple and I will show a short Video Clip to introduce my topic

2) I will present the amount of annual sold iPods and Macintosh Computers, turnover and loss & profit development in the past as well as how the share price evolves.

3) I will try to answer the question, given in my structure, which indeed can be answered with a “no”.
We will have a detailed look at Steve Jobs, how he manages the company and what makes him special in terms of his personality and which influence this has to the business.
In addition I will explain why Microsoft is not able to function in the same way.

4) If Apple wants to be as successful in the future as in the last years they definitely will have to change some things, because otherwise the business may probably slow down. During this part of my presentation I will give out some future threats and possible changes. Slogans like “think global act local”, for instance, will play an important role in Apple´s future.