We have been discussing about the content of our group project. As you know, our topic is American Culture. We set up the following agenda for the presentation:
First of all, we are going to present a brief overview on the American history in order to demonstrate the roots of the American history as it is today.
Second, we would like to illustrate some theoretical background and apply the theories of either Trompenaars or Hofstede who set up evaluation patterns for cultural aspects.
In order to make theory more tangible, we would like to include some examples showing how culture is implemented in American companies and influencing the business environment.
The integration of the class seems important to us and therefore we would like to include an alternate way of exploring the US culture.
We have not decided yet on who is going to present the items on the agenda because Wiebke was absent today.

American Culture:
  1. Introduction - Anna
  2. History / Background - Anna
  3. Hofstede – Trompenaars (Comparison USA/Germany) - Wiebke
  4. Business Culture: Comparison Bertelsmann AG / Bertelsmann Inc. - Marion
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  6. Summary - everybody

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