My presentation:
The Subprime crisis

Given that I work for the Hypothekenbank in Essen AG that is not directly involved in the subprime crisis but nevertheless affected by the financial crisis because their is a liquidity crunch and a very unstable market at the moment, I chose the topic “subprime crisis” for my presentation.
My intention is to provide you an overview of what really happened and why it happened in order to make you understand the current turbulences in the financial market. I do not want to go too much into detail but basically give you a summary to help you who do not work in the banking industry to understand why the crisis occurred and how tense the situation on the financial market is right now.

My presentation will take around 15 min. and is divided as follows:
1. Subprime Mortgages
1.1 What are subprime mortgages?
1.2 Types of subprime mortgages
2. Subprime mortgage financial crisis
2.1 Causes for the crisis
2.2 Why did it happen?
2.3 Consequences of the crisis
2.4 The Victims
3. Conclusion and forecast
3.1 Conclusion
3.2 What will now happen?

1. Subprime Mortgages
In my 1st part of the presentation I`d like to introduce the topic “subprime mortgages and types” to you. I will explain what is meant by the term “subprime” and what subprime mortgages are and what different types exist.

2. Subprime mortgage financial crisis
Secondly, I’d like to explain why the so-called “Subprime mortgage financial crisis” occurred, whose fault it was and what consequences it had for the world economy. I will present some popular “victims” (meaning well known banks which are affected) of the crisis and show how many losses they had and how serious the whole situation is for the financial market and world economy. Also I will briefly tell you about the US housing bubble and its consequences for the subprime market.

3. Conclusion and forecast
Finally I will give you a short conclusion and a “forecast” of what we have to expect in future and how the financial market will/ can develop.

· „The subprime lending crisis“ report and recommendations by the Majority Statt of the Joint Economic Committee, October 2007
· Pressespiegel 06.11.07 (Commerzbank AG)
· Financial Times (11/05/07)
· Articles:

And here is the final version of the slideshow:

Manuel, do you have any further helpful suggestions/ ideas for improvement?

Hi Aga,

Your outline/presentation looks good to me. Just have one point I'd like to share with you:

When you come to your second point - 'why subprime mortgage occured and their consequences' - will you also present some numbers and figures? Just checking as it was very important (in fact, part of the presentation) for Carl to include some numbers and figures during our Sprachen I presentation in the 2nd semester.
If this is also the case for this presentation, one nice way (as I think) to present numbers is to include them in some for of graph.

Hope this helps and is not too much of a confusion :-)

See you on Thursday!


PS.: I will be posting my outline as well very soon - would be nice getting your feedback as well.

Hi Manuel,
thank you very much for your feedback!

Yes, I will provide some numbers & figures showing the whole extent of the crisis. But I will keep it rather short given that otherwise I would probably bore you to death. I will show these figures in a table (business-type-loss-country).

My presentation is meant to give you a brief overview of what really happened and why the crisis occured. "The subprime crisis" is a really extensive topic that could cover several hours ;)
Moreover you are propably not that familiar with this theme given that you are not working in the banking industry or you are not that interested in it. That´s why I basically focused on the housing industry and only touch on the subjects "asset back securities and mortgage-backed security, financial instruments".

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